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August 11, 2018

This summer we got the chance to drive all the way up to Nova Scotia to watch Micah and Rachael tie the knot in Rachael's beautiful home country. Jesse had the honor of standing up for his brother, and I loved the run and gun dash of capturing all the special moments possible (between being part of family pictures and enjoying the day)! 

Poor Jesse was dealing with a bad combo of feeling unwell from the musty air in the basement bedroom we had, being a little sick, and cold medicine that was not kind to him, so I learned a lot about filming a wedding without a second shooter (you were expecting to have) available. And while it was definitely a learning experience for me when it comes to certain video techniques, and I cringe for the audio mistakes I was forced to learn from, those little bumps don't even compare to the incredible time we had that special day. 

I did a speed edit of this film as soon as we got home from Canada to have this ready for their US reception the beginning of September and am so happy to share it with all of you too. <3


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