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Heather Timmermans

Owner ~ Lead Videographer ~ Editor

I've been lucky enough to capture incredible wedding days for over 7 years now.

I film every wedding possible with my husband Jesse by my side, and I have to say, I think we make the best team! Having someone that complements your strengths with their own and that you trust to lean on through the complexities of a wedding day is essential.

But with the years has come experience as well, so here's 

some specifics from how we approach these amazing days:

Owner, Videographer, and Editor Heather Timmermans holds her Canon C200 cinema camera and smiles

-We are on YOUR  side.

At the end of the day, a wedding is the two of you saying to each other:

"You are the most important person in the world to me."

We are here to wholeheartedly support you both.

Sometimes, dramatic things happen at weddings. 


I've been honored to be trusted enough to comfort a shy bride, nervous about walking down the aisle with all those people watching. She was able to breathe, calm herself, and had a beaming smile the whole ceremony!

One morning, when a photographer was pushing portrait sessions (that were unimportant to the bride) to continue as the overwhelmed bride was in actual tears we made sure to get a sandwich into her hands (therefore stopping the pictures), got her water to drink, and helped make space for her to calm down and collect herself.

The day turned out incredible full of SO many happy memories. 


I've avoided pushy parents' and relatives' requests and stuck with what my COUPLE wants, while keeping the atmosphere upbeat and celebratory.

We've driven our wonderful new Honda Odyssey to pick up 15+ cases of alcohol for the bar at the reception because that little transportation detail got overlooked, but we had just enough time in the schedule to help out.

We've also been able to transport our couple, the photographers, ourselves and all our gear downtown to multiple photo locations in comfort and ease. (I love having a minivan!)

I make sure my brides and grooms stay hydrated! 

I love teaching the group dances at the reception when I see guests who want to party but aren't quite sure of the moves. (You pick up a dance or two when you attend so many weddings. ;)

We are with you not only to record all those amazing memories, but also bring comfort and confidence that can support you throughout all the craziness that can come with a wedding day.


We get the best footage when you're having the best time, so we follow your lead and give suggestions where experience guides, enjoying your amazing day alongside you.

Our Inspiration:

I've always appreciated the wonder of a well-told story. Whether I'm reading clever tales printed on the page, absorbing an exciting movie flashing across the screen, listening intently to the details of my friend's lives or engaging in personal introspection, I've found that stories are deeply tied to who we are and how we see the world.

However, I've also noticed that we often discount the real impact and beauty of the stories that make up our own lives.

We are molded by our experiences; yet, we often forget the things that have lead to who we are today.

I create films to memorialize and convey those extra-special stories that make up our lives. Pictures show us the beauty of a single moment, but I've found that video offers a unique opportunity as we seek to capture the emotion and feeling of some moments you'll never experience again.

Film helps tell our stories in a way that nothing else can, and I strive to utilize this medium in the best way possible, so that these moments can dance in our hearts forever.

~ Heather Timmermans       

- Gear spotlight -

Some of the equipment we use to capture all the awesome stories we get to tell.

Whether you're a fellow industry professional or a curious couple, take a peek at some of my favorite tools and toys!


Love Stories Productions LLC

Established 2016

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