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I've always appreciated the wonder of a well-told story. Whether I'm reading clever tales printed on the page, absorbing an exciting movie flashing across the screen, listening intently to the details of my friend's lives or engaging in personal introspection, I've found that stories are deeply tied to who we are and how we see the world.

However, I've also noticed that we often discount the real impact and beauty of the stories that make up our own lives.

We are molded by our experiences; yet, we often forget the things that have lead to who we are today.

I create films to memorialize and convey those extra-special stories that make up our lives. Pictures show us the beauty of a single moment, but I've found that video offers a unique opportunity as we seek to capture the emotion and feeling of some moments you'll never experience again.

Film helps tell our stories in a way that nothing else can, and I strive to utilize this medium in the best way possible, so that these moments can dance in our hearts forever.

~ Heather Timmermans       

Heather Timmermans ~ Lead Videographer / Editor

"In my mind, cinematography is one of the most important services provided at your wedding. While most other vendors are there to make sure your day goes as planned, we also make sure you have a way to help you remember the day forever.


I didn't realize the importance of having video at my own wedding, and while I love my pictures, I only have two distinct memories of that beautiful day. I see myself smiling in the pictures we have, but I have almost no recollection of the day. It flew by so fast! Because of this, recording your wedding is all the more important to me. It is my job to make sure that you can have a way to look back on those precious moments that fade so very quickly.

When I am editing a Highlight, I want each frame, each hit of the music, and each transition to reflect part of that wonderful day, and let you look back on the movement and emotion that permeated your wedding. <3"

Jesse Timmermans ~ Videographer / Tech

"There is a lot that goes into properly capturing a day as busy, important, and unpredictable as a wedding.


Lighting situations, sound quality, possible angles, venue restrictions, well-meaning guests and more, all affect whether we can get the shot that best reflects the beauty of your day. And while we can't control every single situation, we do our best to be prepared to deal with everything that crazy wonderful day will throw at us.


We get the best recording when the bride and groom are happy and enjoying their day. Unlike the Photographer, who can pick great poses to get the best shot (another fantastic way to look back on your day), our best shots come from genuine moments of happiness and love, or silliness and laughter. So as much as your Master and Mistress of Ceremonies are looking out for you that day, so are we."

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