Aren't pictures enough of a way to remember my wedding?

While pictures are a beautiful and essential way to document your special day, they are also limited in what they capture.

I remember all the effort and planning and crazy moments that went into getting ready for my wedding day, but when it comes to the day itself, it's one big blur of emotions. I love my pictures, but I wish I could remember how that day went.

Video provides the unique opportunity to help you remember how you felt and what happened that day, not just how you looked.


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What area do you serve?

We are happy to serve Grand Rapids, MI and beyond! The travel for any location within 50 miles of Grand Rapids is already included in our package prices. For areas further away, a travel charge will apply to cover the extra time/mileage/boarding/etc. Feel free to contact us for a quote regarding your wedding!

Do you require a deposit to book my wedding date?

Yes. To secure your date, we require a $500 deposit. This charge is already included in the prices for each package.

Do you charge extra if my wedding day will be longer than the standard 8 hr day?

No. Our intent is to capture your wedding story; so, we film for however long that happens to take. Nobody wants to worry about extra charges adding up if their special day goes longer than expected, so our filming day lasts as long as your wedding day. (Up to 12 hours. If your wedding will require multiple days of filming, contact us for a quote!)

Do you travel out of Michigan?

Yes! Beautiful stories happen everywhere, and we'd love to take a trip to record yours! Our travel charge varies based on the time spent on location and the distance needed to travel.

Feel free to contact us for a quote! We're happy to work with you no matter where your story takes you.

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