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September 16 & 17, 2017

Remember all the excitement about the royal wedding? Well we were even more excited when we got the chance to film one of our own!

Last September, as the Sparta Renaissance Festival celebrated its opening, we had the awesome opportunity to film as James and Misha finally tied the knot. <3 
If you followed the story of the faire, you would know that the King of Sussex and Princess of the Sejung Empire were marrying and ending a 20 year war. In reality, James and Misha's wedding at the faire was no act, as their friends and family watched them say their vows and promise their lives to each other. The events of the faire held special meaning as James' best man fought in the duels and prevailed victorious, and Misha's family members perfomed beautiful music that floated above the trees.

This was the most unique wedding we ever filmed, it was so much fun and taught us so much. I'm so excited to look back on this to share all of the fun with you all as well.

Film: Love Stories Productions LLC

Music Licensing: SongFreedom

Location: Sparta NJ Renaissance Faire - Camp Sacajawea, 844 White Lake Road, Sparta NJ

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