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September 8, 2018

Some days just punch you straight in the gut with the feels. This was one of those days. <3

Lucy and Jon, you had me (Heather) on the verge of tears so many times on your perfect day. At one point one of your groomsmen even commented on my emotions leaking out over your incredible love for each other. Besides the picturesque beauty of the incredible locations and decorations you chose, the excitement and joy and supportive love emanating from your family, friends, and guests painted your wedding day in the warmest and brightest light imaginable. I don't think I've heard better speeches than the ones we got to record at your reception, and I can't say enough what a joy it was to capture your day.

Film: Love Stories Productions

Music Licensing: Song Freedom and

Photographer: Crystal V Photography
DJ: Christopher Linsell with A+ Entertainment
Locations: Pentwater Channel and Iris Hills Weddings & Occasions

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Est. 2016

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